A world of wonder and horror in equal measure, TROJAN creates a parallel universe in which creatures from myth and legend live among us, just trying to get by like everybody else. But it’s a world in which sinister urban legends, like live deadly shows for dark web high rollers, also exist. With an intense script and vivid characters, TROJAN’s unique world spans, blends, and elevates genres in this dark fantasy tech noir.

Series writer Daniel Kraus explained, “I’ve always wanted to do a story on snuff films, or at least the modern equivalent, as I think the concept really digs into humanity’s darkest desires. I spent a good decade trying to crack the story but couldn’t until I happened upon the idea of the victims being mythological creatures. They are so often portrayed in fairly distant, magical terms. I wanted to get visceral with them. Destroying them felt like a dismantling of hope. This is a very dark series that doesn’t look away from its subject matter. Buckle in.”

When a mysterious young woman, Nessa, enlists the help of a hacker to take a tour of the grisliest corners of the Dark Web, she sets in motion a war between those who peddle to mankind’s darkest fantasies and a world that transcends imagination. As the story progresses, readers come to find that Nessa isn’t the benign faerie she appears to be — she is something much, much more, and she’s about to hatch a scheme that will shock those who would prey upon her people.

“Daniel Kraus is a master of horror and one of the best in the genre,” said Axel Alonso, Chief Creative Officer of AWA Studios. “At AWA, we love establishing a strong rapport with our talent and we were thrilled when Daniel signed on to create a second series after YEAR ZERO VOL. 0. Plus, Laci is an absolute legend who’s work we’ve admired for years. We’re thrilled with what this team produced for TROJAN and can’t wait to see how readers respond too.”

TROJAN artist Laci added, “Mythological creatures are great material for visual interpretation, and the idea is to make these creatures as realistic as possible. It was very important that we expressed deep empathy in TROJAN. The world of legendary creatures is harmonious, regardless of how huge their differences to one another in mythological appearance and origin are. I dare say that it is the very backbone of this series.”

“9/10. As a fan of mature comics such as Preacher, The Boys, and Saga, I was completely and utterly shocked by Trojan.”

Comic Watch

“5/5. Trojan is a spectacular debut offering an engrossing and disturbing story.”

Lotusland Comics

“9/10. An urban fantasy story that gets you appalled at the seedy underbelly of the dark web in this world…you need to grab Trojan!”

Sparks Comics