Season’s Eatings

Book Three in a five-book series, cowritten with #1 New York Times Bestselling author Lisi Harrison!

The Graveyard Girls navigate celebrity psychics, messages from beyond the grave, and the continued mystery of Silas Hoke’s missing bones in this devouring third installment by New York Times bestselling authors Lisi Harrison and Daniel Kraus.

It’s the holiday season, but the Graveyard Girls are  feeling the wrong  kind of spirit . . .

Gemma is struggling to save the Spirit Sanctuary, while Whisper is reeling from her father’s recent engagement announcement to Paisley’s mother. Zuzu has taken on the assignment of town ghost whisperer, Frannie is looking for drama in her drama-less life, and Sophie is being haunted by a possessed doll. And through it all, the girls are getting electrifying messages from beyond the grave that may lead them to Silas Hoke’s missing bones.

For a not-so-merry fright, Gemma tells a deliciously creepy tale that takes the lesson of “be careful what you wish for” to a whole new level.

Featuring illustrations by Flavia Sorrentino.